Commission Bidding Form

You can place an absentee bid, and the auctioneer will bid on your behalf if you are unable to attend the sale. This online commission bidding facility is provided as a convenient way of sending your bids direct to us and there is no extra charge for this service.

Please leave your maximum bid price below and the auctioneer will endeavour to purchase the lot for you as cheaply as possible. All fields below must be completed, and all bids should be made in whole UK Pounds. If identical bids are submitted, the person who bid first will take precedence.

All absentee bids must be submitted by 5pm the day prior to each auction.

If you have been unable to personally view, then you are advised to obtain a condition report prior to leaving your absentee bids. You will receive an email from us as confirmation and receipt of your bids once submitted.

Your attention is drawn to our Conditions of Sale as displayed on this website under ‘Buyer Terms & Conditions’.

Bid Revisions

Should you wish to alter or withdraw a bid you have made using this facility please contact us directly, please do not use this form for this purpose.

Commission Bidding Form

The Auction

Please enter the Lot you're interested in along with your Bid.

In order to ensure that your bids can be delivered to the auctioneers, your personal details and bids are emailed to the auctioneers. Neither the auctioneers nor the providers of this on line commission bidding service will release your personal details to any third party for mailing or marketing purposes.